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Marketing at the Glendora Chamber of Commerce

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As any serious marketer knows, there are many ways and places to market your business. It has been said that you should be part of at least 3 different types of networking groups.

1. Referral Networking Group 2. Service Club 2. Your local Chamber of Commerce

The first is your closed group, where your business type is the only one in the group and referrals are the main focus. The second type of group is your service club, where you can network, while giving back to your community through projects and fundraising activities. Both of these groups usually meet weekly and have a set structure and time limits for each part of the meeting. The third is your local chamber of commerce. Your local chamber has a broad membership base within the business community.

A chamber, unlike a referral group or at times a service club, usually has more than one of a particular profession in the membership. This gives the member an opportunity to network with and gain several “Referral Partners” within their field. I know when I was a member of the Glendora Chamber before joining the staff, there were several members that did the same kind of work as I did. This was an asset! It allowed me to network and see what was working and not working for them, in regards to advertising and other networking groups. We also would share ideas and industry information. Since I did not do all types of loans at the time, I was able to refer out and have a list of professionals I knew and felt comfortable with to send my customers to. As a business professional it is important to have a list of contacts to send your customers to when they are in needed of other types of services. This will show your customers that you are a source for anything they may need, and keeps you at the forefront of their minds. I always kept a printed list of different companies and service providers on my website at all times for my customers. The chamber can be your source for this, if you do not already have your own resource list.

At the Glendora Chamber there are many ways to get your message out besides networking at our breakfasts , lunches and mixers.

  • When joining the Chamber or renewing your membership you receive free advertising through our monthly bulletin and bi-monthly newsletter. Take advantage of these! These newsletters and bulletins go out then are archived. They are also linked to our Facebook page and other sites and blogs to be viewed by thousands of people.
  • Make an attempt to go to our workshops and seminars no matter what the topic is. We may have a workshop that has nothing to do with your industry, but there will be other professionals there to network with and possibly connect with for future referrals and business. The chamber has had, and will continue to have, very informative workshops on a variety of topics, such as internet marketing, legislative issues, and business planning. Business Killers is one such workshop. The chamber is hosting this workshop on Thursday, March 22nd at 5:30 PM at The Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS®. The Business Killers Workshop deals in depth with 6 common mistakes that can threaten your business. It will give you steps to help you prevent these costly business killing mistakes. Visit our website for more details and to reserve your seat. This workshop is for everyone who is interested in protecting their business.
  • Put your information such as business cards and flyers in the chamber lobby. Visitors come in every day for information. Don’t be left out!
  • Take advantage of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr pages. These were put together to promote YOU the member.
  • On our Facebook page members can post events that they are holding, or you can email me and I will do it for you. If you have a video or pictures, we can post them on our YouTube and Flickr page for you. Using these pages will increase your search engine optimization and help get you noticed on the internet. The more links to your website or blog, the better!
  • On our website there are numerous places you can have content posted to be viewed by visitors, such as our Member News Section. You can also, for an extremely small fee, have a banner ad and or business card ad on rotation on the home page. These ads cycle through and are linked to your website. More of these types of opportunities are forthcoming…so stay tuned.
  • Be part of a committee at the chamber. The Ambassador Committee is one such opportunity. As an Ambassador, you are the face of the chamber in the community and you are the one up front, helping at events. The Ambassadors also have their own webpage with pictures and links on the chamber’s site. Remember what I said about the more links the better?

These are just a few of the many valuable ways to market with the Glendora Chamber. For a list of all the benefits pleasecheck out the member brochure for more information or give us a call.

I would have to say, and serious marketers would agree, that marketing with a chamber is by far the most economical, high-impact, method you can use. So, take advantage of the opportunity! At the chamber, we have the resources that can help you, but it takes participation by you to be successful.

On that note…Are you a member of three types of networking groups? If not, keep in mind that your competitors probably are!

By: Joe Cina, Business Development Director, Glendora Chamber of Commerce

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Please save the old electronics you replace this Holiday Season for the FREE Drive-Thru Electronic E-Waste Collection Event we will host in January!

In order to create a cleaner environment for our community, the Glendora Chamber of Commerce is hosting an electronic waste [e-waste] recycling collection event on Saturday and Sunday, January 21st and 22nd, 2012, in the parking lot of the Glendora Chamber of Commerce, 131 E. Foothill Blvd. (across from City Hall) from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. The event is a free service to both city residents and businesses to properly dispose of their computer obsoletes, and at the same time, help reduce improper and illegal dumping in our city and landfills.  More importantly, the event helps protect our planet from various toxicities from reaching our soil and environment.

E-waste includes electronic products or devices, such as computer monitors, televisions, PC systems, printers, copiers, laptops, fax machines and home entertainment systems that have reached their useful end, whether in working condition or not.  Also accepted will be cell phones, toner cartridges, and car batteries.

Study shows that 35 million pounds of e-waste are still sitting in California homes and businesses.  Less than 29% of e-waste is currently properly dismantled and/or recycled.  Electronic discard is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream.  70% of heavy metals, 40% of lead and mercury contents found in today’s landfills are from e-waste.  New federal mandate requires that television stations switch from analog format to digital format, which means a greater number of televisions will become obsolete within the next several years.

Please come show your support for a cleaner environment by sending e-waste away from our city and landfills to the appropriate recycling process.  For more detailed information on the event, or qualified e-products, please contact the Glendora Chamber at 626-963-4128.

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The Glendora Chamber in Action!

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The Glendora Chamber of Commerce has been busy with ribbon cuttings, events and more! Please help us welcome our new members. Enjoy! Get more information at

To stay up to date check back and follow us on:

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Video Market You and Your Business

by on Jul.21, 2011, under Glendora Chamber

Video Marketing is a fun and powerful way to market you and your business. The Glendora Chamber of Commerce & Tune Up Your Web will be conducting a workshop on the subject August 18th from Noon -1:30. More info to come.

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The Glendora Chamber is Busy with Ribbon Cuttings

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The Glendora Chamber of Commerce has been busy with Ribbon cuttings. Please help us welcome our members. Enjoy! Get more information at

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Glendora Rotary Doing Big Things Glendora: Rotary Hoopla Is Back!

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The Rotary club of Glendora is inviting community members and business owners to join with us in our efforts to help our schools, community and our Rotary Projects Internationally. Glendora Rotary has put together a unique fundraiser that will feature the Harlem Wizards VS teachers and staff from all the Glendora Schools for a fun evening of “Basketball Tricks Hoops & Alley Hoops”.  It will be fun for all ages! Here are some of the projects we help throughout the year.

Teacher mini grants
Eye -Das Foundation for the blind
Citrus College Choral Concert for all the schools
Eradicate the world of Polio
Water wells in Africa
Wheel chairs for polio survivors
Baker to Vegas police run
Holiday for Tots
Pictures With Santa
Senior Citizen Luncheon
Trail Days
Big Yellow Bus
Meals on Wheels
Boy Scout Liaison
Glendora Family Film Night (movies in the park)
Halloween Carnival
Student of the Month
Ambassadorial Scholarships
Youth Exchange
Choral Festival “America Sings”
Police Officer of the Year
Teen Leadership Camp
Business Promotion
George Hensel Ethics Essay Contest
4 Way Speech Contest
Dan Stover Music Scholarship Program
Glendora Hometown Christmas Parade

Stay tuned for more details for tickets. If you need more information about our club drop us a line and we would be glad to get you what you are looking for. Click Here

Here is a video of the Harlem Wizards:

Stay tuned for more! It will be LOTS Of FUN!

Glendora Rotary Club, USA

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